TrueLite Trace is a system engineering company, developed in the heart of Silicon Valley. We are the parent company of FleetUP, an Industrial IoT solution, used as a comprehensive fleet management tool to monitor all vehicles and drivers, online and in real-time using an OBD device.

Our top level management has worked in M2M software engineering, system integration and IoT for over 15 years in various regions (Americas, Middle East, Africa). Having experience from diverse businesses and projects, TrueLite has vast expertise in IT consulting, IT solution services and in system design. With multiple R&D centers, we hold a competitive edge, working to constantly improve and upgrade our solution. We serve many clients in different industries, providing top-tier customer support -- we have a passion for serving our clients.


Smart, Compact & Connected

From a variety of embedded device and sensor experience, TrueLite provides a compact embedded device with fine packaging, backed by a smart system solution. This Industrial IoT application can be applied anywhere.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

TrueLite provides an Enterprise-level solution via mobile app, on Android and iOS. Enterprise mobile apps allow for open innovation, connecting to multiple sensor devices and various user input methods in different layers. Our apps can accelerate business transactions and process automation, leading our clients' business towards disruptive innovation.


Our OBD Solution provides top of the line telematics, allowing our clients to prolong the life of their vehicles, increase fuel efficiency, minimize fuel waste, diagnose their engines of DTCs and monitor their drivers in real-time.


Along with tracking vehicles, we have a separate solution for asset and container tracking. The container is tracked, separate from the truck’s engine and is managed from the same platform as our vehicle tracking solution.



Inventory Management

For most of our clients, their most expensive assets tend to be the largest and are always out on the road. How do you manage your inventory when they’re in constant motion?


Asset Tracking

Losing a company vehicle can be costly to replace, but business owners know that the cost can be exponentially higher if the vehicle contained valuable assets.  Will you be able to relocate your stolen vehicle?


Commercial Vehicle

With so many commercial vehicles flooding the market, what steps are you taking to stay ahead of the game? Maximize your savings with preventative maintenance, monitoring fuel consumption and minimize your drivers’ poor driving habits.



Factories, plants and warehouses need to optimize the workflow efficiently. When one section stops, production comes to a halt -- bring fluidity in your daily operations by utilizing real-time GPS location data of your company vehicles.


There are 3 R&D teams working relentlessly to provide 24-hour,
around-the-clock support, with branches located in:

  • Silicon Valley, USA

    Product Design, Software Architect,
    Big Data Analysis, System Design

  • Seoul, South Korea

    Embedded Devices, Sensors

  • Shenzhen, China

    Hardware Product R&D,
    Software Engineering


Find the closest sales location near you:

  • - Silicon Valley
  • - Los Angeles
  • - Mexico City, Mexico
  • - Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • - Santiago, Chile
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